Welcome to MedComNet 2020!

This year’s conference will take place entirely online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which does not allow attendees to travel to Arona. This is quite an unfortunate situation, since the choice of Arona, the birthplace of Mario Gerla, as a location for the conference was meant to honor Mario, the initiator of the MedHocNet conference series (as you note, this series continues with the slight name change to MedComNet). We will not forget to go to Arona for one of the future editions of MedComNet.

We organized the operation of the conference so that the papers and their recorded presentations can be found online for attendees to read and watch at their convenience. Keynote presentations are also available online, for you to enjoy at the time of your choice. The link to reach all papers and presentations is https://medhocnet2020.cnit.it/proceedings/, accessible with the password sent to all registered participants.

In order to preserve some of the interaction aspects of the conference, we organized the following live sessions that attendees can enjoy during the three days of the event. We scheduled a discussion slot for each conference session, where paper authors will be available online to reply to attendees’ live questions. Keynote speakers will also connect with the audience to elaborate on the content of their presentations. Opening and closing sessions will take place online at the conference start and end. More details regarding the online program can be found at https://medhocnet2020.cnit.it/online-program/

All live sessions will take place over the GoToMeeting tool. Connections can be activated with the link that participants received via mail.

For attendees wishing to try their connection to GoToMeeting, two tests are planned, on June 10 and 12. See https://medhocnet2020.cnit.it/online-program/ for timing and visit https://support.goto.com/meeting/new-attendee-guide if you never used GoToMeeting before.

We wish to thank all those people who contributed to the success of this conference: paper authors, reviewers, session chairs, members of the Technical Program Committee, members of the Organizing Committee and members of the Steering Committee. Special thanks go to the people who were constantly involved in the details of the organization of the conference under these unexpected conditions. In particular, we wish to thank Maurizio Munafò, the EDAS and Publication Chair, Michele Segata, the Web Chair, Edmundo de Souza e Silva, the special session organizer, Falko Dressler and Renato Lo Cigno, the Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs. Very special thanks go to the four Keynote Speakers; Anthony Ephremides, Jim Kurose, Izhak Rubin and Don Towsley, who kindly agreed to share their experiences with conference attendees.

Our thanks also go to the IEEE for supporting the conference with a Technical Co-Sponsorship, together with the Italy Section and the Italian ComSoc/VTS, Information Theory, Computer, Power and Energy Chapters. Many thanks also to Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, IMDEA Networks Institute and CNIT, the National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications, that provided the administrative and financial support for the conference.

We hope that you will all enjoy MedComNet 2020 in this unusual online format, even if we will miss very much the personal interactions that always made this conference so special and enjoyable. We look forward to meeting you all online.

Leonard KleinrockMarco Ajmone Marsan
General ChairGeneral vice-Chair